Lessons of History

A religious person could easily take the quickest route to answering some of the tough questions, probably answering that God is the greatest good in the world, and the devil is the greatest evil in the world. I have not taken a religious flavor to answering these questions.

The Greatest Hope in the World
The instinct to survive.

The Greatest Waste in the World

The Greatest Delight in the World
The laughter of children

The Most Beautiful thing in the World
A woman’s smile

The Greatest Truth in the World
* Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, or
* Love is the Answer

The Greatest Injustice in the World
Poverty is the greatest injustice.  Poverty is the mother of hunger, starvation, disease, and suffering.  Each year, 10,000,000 children will die in the world due to lack of access to clean water.

The Greatest Danger in the World
Nuclear technology.  It is only a matter of time before some of this technology makes it into the hands of those who would use it for terrorizing the World.

The Greatest Disappointment in the World
War is the greatest disappointment.  War, the systematic planned death, destruction, and violence to other humans.  Over 60 – 70 percent of the world’s population will never know War up close.  The incessant march of War throughout human history is purified, cleansed, and almost never passed on to those who are not there.  Films and books try to do their part to teach of War, but most are unwilling to look at even the cleaned up versions. It causes discomfort.  Even those who try to study the details of war with courage and truth, cannot gain the depth of insight that the victims of war walk away with.  This greatest disappointment in mankind’s history must be looked at thoroughly, studied with courage, and a depth of seeking that only the soul is capable of.  When the soul starts to hurt, then you are studying it at the depth required.

The fact that we are the most intelligently superior species ever to live, yet we cannot solve our social problems without massive death, destruction, and suffering, is my greatest disappointment in the human race.  For all our given intelligence, we cannot seem to solve our problems without war.

The Greatest Fear in the World
The lack of or loss of security.  This fear runs deep, through all classes of society.  The impoverished fear of basic needs for shelter and food will not be met, other classes fear they do not have enough security, savings, resources for the right college, car, or retirement, the wealthy classes fear they could loose the material security and investments they do have, a quite ridiculous fear, born of insecurity, unless one is careless not foolishly squandering their money

The Greatest Accomplishment in the World
Freedom to think one’s own thoughts and speak one’s own truth.  Freedom of thought, freedom of speech.

The Greatest Gift in the World
I could follow convention here and say the answer, obviously, is Love.  However, I think the greatest gift in this world is life itself.  Life, especially as a human being, is nothing short of a miracle.  We think, feel, taste, hear, speak, see, create, imagine.  A human being has more skill and ability than any species that has ever existed in the billions of years the world has been evolving by at least 100 orders of magnitude.

The Greatest Evil in the World
Privilege. The belief that one person or group of persons are superior in some way to another person or group of persons. One person believing they have privilege over another person has provided the platform for almost all of the human suffering throughout history.  Monarchy’s are born of privilege, Aristocracies are born from privilege, most religions are infested with privilege.  All authoritarian societies are born from privilege.  Privilege comes in many forms, Superiority, Greed, Selfishness.  Privilege protects itself in the minds of holders by rationalizing, intellectualizing, denying.  Privilege can have many levels.  Elitism is certainly born from privilege, but privilege can be widespread in more subtle ways among other classes of societies. The great American middle-class has a substantial degree of privilege built into the class.

The Greatest Good in the World
Children.  Children are God’s way of saying, the world will go on.  Indeed, for 100,000 years our children have carried our species forward, generation by generation, to what the human race has become today. Our children hold the future of humanity in their hands, as they become adults and begin to run the world.  We do humanity a disservice when we shelter our children from knowing how imperfect the world is, covering their eyes and ears with privilege.  The holders of what humanity is to become cannot act wisely if they are only taught privilege, and sheltered from yesterday and today’s imperfections.  They must know the truth if they are to carry humanity forward to a greater good.  It is not enough that they are taught how to carry only themselves forward, for only their own self-indulged greater good, with privilege being their only skill.

Our children are mirrors, reflecting into the next generation what they have been shown and taught.  They are not our duplicates, but the reflection is mixed with the light of their own ideas and thinking, and each generation changes the world a little bit.

We do not need to have or teach our children the answers to some of the World’s problems.  We only need to show and teach them the truth of things.  They, their children, and their children will, find the answers.  But, they must know the truth of things.  We must give them some knowledge of the truth in how the world is and works.  Many of them will find the truth anyway, on their own.

RGA, 10-22-2011


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Complicated on the inside, simple on the outside. At large Social critic with an edge.
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