A List Of Priorities For The 2009 Holiday Season

1. Make sure that your house or apartment is clean, tidy, and warm and cozy for the family and guests.  If you can have it professionally cleaned by minimum wage laborers, all the better.

2. For your particular Religion of Choice, attend to the suggested rituals for the Season.  Any  devotion and time you can give toward honoring the Religious leaders of thousands of years ago, will be well spent.

3. This one was actually difficult to decide on.  Should it be number 2 or 3?  Anyway, priority number 3 applies only if you have a favorite football team.  Be somewhat preoccupied with any of the holiday games your team may be involved in.  For the truly faithful, purchase air line tickets if needed, purchase unusually high priced game tickets, get involved, make it a fun time.

4. Make sure you have a great meal planned for family and guests.  American super markets are overflowing with goodies of all kinds, and there is practically nothing that you can’t buy in America.  So, get only the best for your family and guests.

5. Now that your religious duties are taken care of, and your family and guests have a great meal planned with all the home comforts, you should do what you can for the local charities.  The holiday gift programs to the needy, the holiday meal programs to the needy.  Angel trees, donations, meal delivery, anything that will help the less fortunate and those in need.

6. Now that your home is ready for guests, meals are planned, religious duties are attended to, and thought has been given to the needy in your area, you should put some earnest thought into your own happiness and well-being.  Splurge here if you can, it’s the holidays.  The better you look and feel, the happier your family and friends will be.  New clothes, new hair done, nails done, new makeup, extra lights for the house, whatever your fancy, just do it, says Nike.

7. Put a little forethought into the New Year celebration.  Don’t wait until the last minute on this one.  Wines, beers, liquors have to be purchased.  Parties have to be planned, or scheduled.  Again, splurge on this one, it only happens once per year.

8.  Don’t worry about the upcoming taxes for this next year.  There is practically nothing that happens in America which a little borrowing can’t take care of.  There is no end to the borrowing limit in America.  Don’t believe what the newspapers say or it could interfere with Priority Number 6, your happiness and well-being at the New Years party.

9. Put some serious thought into New Year resolutions, things you could improve about yourself, how you could look prettier or more handsome, what your financial goals are for the upcoming year, how you can buy that new house, new car, or afford the best schools for your offspring.  How can you work in that extra vacation.  If you’re a business person, think about increasing profits.  Don’t let the do-gooder liberals get in your way.  It really is about money.  Those that have it, have more choices, and more comforts in the world.

10. Now, with all the important things out of the way, you should sit down and talk about the 10 million children that will die in the upcoming year 2010 because they lack access to clean water.

But, a word to the wise, talking about this could upset your happiness and well-being, and you may find few people willing to discuss this with you, some may call you a kill joy, or even worse, some may think you are mentally unstable.  This item is last in priorities, because the holidays are an especially happy time, and you want to be careful not to cause any discomfort.  Comfort is a very important priority in America, and many may feel you are being unpatriotic, or ungrateful for your blessings, if you bring up such serious matters as children that die every 15 seconds in the world due to lack of access to clean water.

Many people will feel confident that they have already done their fair share of solving the world’s problems by attending to priorities number 2 and 4.  Others will feel that it is not their responsibility to solve the world’s problems, that their particular Religious deity, or deities, is in charge of that.  Many will feel that if they released the burden of solving the world’s problem by praying about it, praying for the 10 million children that are slated to die in 2010, due to lack of access to clean water.

And still, others, will argue that it is the plan of the Universe, that so many children will die in 2010, else the world could become overpopulated, and their level of comfort could be damaged in some way.

Remember, as an American citizen, the Constitution entitles you to “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Should anything or anyone get in the way of that pursuit, just kindly remind them that you are an American, with rights and certain privileges, that you have worked hard to be where you are, and that your rights were fought for and obtained through many wars for freedom.

You have the freedom to do what you want, and you don’t have to do anything at all about those 10 million children who will die in 2010 because they lack access to clean water.  You have the freedom to just put them out of your mind and conversations.


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Complicated on the inside, simple on the outside. At large Social critic with an edge.
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